Perkins Holiday Show Lights Up Stage

Perkins Holiday Show Lights Up Stage
By Francis Ortiz
Moapa Valley Progress
Published Dec. 2, 2009

It was a joyous evening on Tuesday, November 24 in the Ron Dalley Auditorium when Ute V. Perkins Elementary School held its annual Christmas Holiday program. There where dream maidens, elves, reindeer, chipmunks, comedians, singers and musicians in abundance.

It started earlier in the day with all of the Perkins students traveling to the auditorium for a day of practice and stage set up. Quite a few teachers, staff and parents came to help.

Perkins first graders led by Madalynn Frederick as Rudolph perform as reindeer in the Perkins Elementary Holiday program held on Tuesday, November 24 at the Ron Dalley Theatre at MVHS.
The stage sets for the Christmas program, was created by the mothers of two Perkins students. The sets included colorful ribbon banners and gift boxes in vivid Christmas colors with large beautiful bows hung in front. One of the mothers made all of the new costumes for the performance.

The evening began with the students arriving in Christmas attire and grouping together with their classmates. The backstage rooms were full of laughter and mischief, the children were anxious to get the show started.

Friends and family members arrived and were greeted by Patriot Rockers dance team members as they entered the auditorium. If you didn’t arrive early the chances of sitting together were slim as the house was full. It ended up being a standing room only performance.

Perkins students played new and interesting instruments at the Perkins Elementary Holiday Program last week. The show began with a group Improv Kids. Each student came out doing their own little jig across the stage. The audience was delighted when the elves appeared dancing and carrying gifts to the center stage, trying to make a tower out of the gifts without them falling down.

There were several soloist performances through the evening. Kali Romero and Abby Pulsipher had a selection during the song “Let’s Have Christmas Here Tonight”. Magen Davis, Sadie Johnston and Anna Stratton had a piece during “When Christmas Comes to Town”. And Madison Soderquist and Keely Watkins had a solo part during “One Candle”.

The audience enjoyed some belly laughs from the comedians. It was quite hard to contain the laughter after the students told jokes followed by jesters who came out with the signs stating “LAUGH” and “APPLAUSE”.The comedians were Kennedy Postma, Dannika Gordon, Pierce Kirk, Taylor Lawrence, Joshua Pulsipher, Rowdy Blackwell, Alyssa Fetcho and Bryan Morrissey.

The joke that seemed to get the most laughs was: “What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?….Claus-trophobic!”

First graders, dressed as reindeer with Rudolph (Madalynn Frederick), danced to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Then Alvin and the Chipmunks came out and put on a little skit to the “Chipmunk Song”.

The Dream Maidens danced while grades 3-5 sang “Believe”. After the Dream Maidens performed the “Patriot Rockers” came out and lit up the stage as they performed one of their dance routines for the audience.

There was a lot of musical talent exhibited. Some of the musical instruments that the students used were a little different than what one would find at most elementary schools. The students used xylophones, tribal drums and tambourines.

But there where two instruments that stood out from the others; “Boom Whackers” and “Plastic Red Tubs”. A group of boys and girls came out onto the stage with different colored cylinder tubes (Boom Whackers) in each hand. They sat down and played “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “First Noel” by hitting the Boom Whackers on the floor to the beat of the songs.

When the grades 3-5 came on stage to sing “Light the Candles” a group of boys lined the front of the stage. They brought the big red plastic tubs out with them and placed them on the floor in front of them. When smacked, the tubs would bounce off the stage floor about an inch, but what a wonderful sound it would make.

At the end of the program Perkins Principal, Ken Paul came on stage to thank the many people who contributed to the program. The mothers with the creative hand and eye, the teachers that help all along the way, the office staff, Mrs. Sandy Fredericks for her piano accompaniment, Leslie May and her “Patriot Rockers”, Kenna Dalley and the MVHS Tech Class, Mike Jake for the music and back stage supervision, the MVHS Administration, Mrs. Dorsey for the video taping, Perkins PTA for funding for the costumes. And, most importantly art and music teacher, Vince Dasal without whom there would not have been the vision and caring that was put into this program for the second year in a row, Paul said.

“Teaching at Perkins Elementary School is like being in a family,” Dasal said. “Watching the children perform in the Christmas Show made me feel like a proud parent. It’s really fun watching students, teachers, staff, parents and principal working together to produce a show of this scope and nature. The creativity, enthusiasm, collaboration, and amazing talent is wonderful to see.”

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