New ATV Dealership Opens Its Doors

By Stephanie Bunker

Moapa Valley Progress

The huge showroom at the new Polaris World dealership has all kinds of toys for the ATV enthusiast. That includes a full line of accessories. Photo by Vernon Robison.

There is a new store for lovers of ATVs just across the Arizona border from Mesquite. The brand new Polaris World showroom can be seen from Interstate 15 on the east side, just after you pass the Welcome To Arizona sign. It is located at 215 N Hwy 91.

As of about a week ago Polaris World has been selling and servicing ATVs for area customers. Polaris World mainly sells 4-wheelers and side-by-side’s.

Mark and Brenda Allred and Ron Terry are the owners of the new business. They are very excited to be providing this service to the community.

As a Polaris dealership they will maintain, service, and warranty all of their off-road vehicles. They have been very busy and have been selling machines ever since they opened their doors.

In an interview with the Progress, Brenda Allred said that the new 2013’s coming out are amazing and there have been many improvements to the newest RZR’s and Rangers. A lot of machines have already been pre-sold and customers are waiting anxiouslky for them to hit the floor, Brenda said.

“Every time I see that delivery truck it’s like Christmas!” Brenda said.

The masonry block building where Polaris World is located was originally established as a bike shop. But that business fell through so the building has been sitting vacant for two years. For the Allreds, the building is a perfect location for the Polaris dealership. Customers are able to drive their ATV’s right to Polaris World to pick up parts or to be serviced. The purchased building is also a good size for the dealership.

“There is room to grow and we plan to grow,” Brenda said. “It’s an industry that people can’t live without!”

The Allreds currently live in Bloomington, Utah. But they have a special place in their heart for the customers in the Mesquite area and its surroundings. Mark was partner in the Mesquite Extreme Power Sports business. But after taking a year off of that business he decided he would open his own shop.

Because of his previous experience with Mesquite Extreme Power Sports, he already has a relationship with many customers.

The winter is a busy time of year for the ATV world in Mesquite. This is the time when snow birds make the trek to Southern Nevada and dust off their machines from last year. Many of them upgrade their 4-wheelers or side-by-sides every 1 or 2 years.

“Mark has known so many of them for years and has developed relationships with the locals,” Brenda said.

The Allreds enjoy hitting the trails with their own ATV’s and have prospects of going on rides on their days off with the locals. There are a lot of different trails throughout the area. Brenda points out that some of the more popular trails include Flat Top Mesa and Elbow Canyon.

Elbow Canyon is Brenda’s personal favorite.

“With our machines you can go on the roads even after it’s been washed out,” Brenda said. “It makes it a more challenging ride, but it’s fun.”

The Allreds are planning to hold a Grand Opening for Polaris World in the near future. Keep an eye on the Progress for more details.

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