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I don’t believe most people, including Christians, realize the full impact this season should have on them.

To many people this is just a time for giving and spreading of ‘holiday cheer’. To others it is a time to receive those end-of-year bonuses they have eagerly anticipated. To still others it is just a time to overindulge in food and alcoholic spirits.

Yet, most Christians do understand that it is the birth of the Christ Child which provides meaning to this grand celebration. But this understanding is not complete in any sense.

I would ask, “Do you know what a ‘manger’ really is?” How many Christian believers can answer that? Only a very few, I imagine.

Well, the ‘manger’ is where the priests would hold those sheep and oxen which were destined for sacrifice in the days ahead. Putting the Christ Child in that same enclosure is a foreshadowing of what was to be the Child’s destiny! Yes, He was destined by his own Father to be the Sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Since He has been resurrected, no more animal sacrifice is required!

As you celebrate this Christmas holiday, remember not only the birth of the one God has sent to us but also the destiny this God-Child was to perform for our salvation.

Yes, this is a time of celebration. Can we also make it a time of thanksgiving to God for offering his great Sacrifice for us in his grand plan to save mankind?

Don’t hesitate to call this time of celebration what it is: Christmas. It’s time Christians take a stand at this time devoted to celebrating God’s gift to us.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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