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Law Powersports owner Chuck Law shows off a new SSR motorcycle in stock at the new dealership which will be officially opening in downtown Overton in mid-September. PHOTO BY VERNON ROBISON/Moapa Valley Progress.

Off road enthusiasts in the Moapa Valley now have something big to look forward to. A new OHV dealership is about to open soon in downtown Overton.

Law Powersportshas recently obtained all of its permits and approvals to begin business. The new dealership is expected to have its grand opening in the next few weeks and will be operating in the same downtown building as Polaris dealer, Overton Powersportsonce occupied before closing four years ago.

In an interview last week with the Progress, Law Powersports owner Chuck Law, of Las Vegas, explained that, once opened, the new store will be the only dealership for Renli vehicles in all of the state of Nevada.

Renli vehicles are high performance OHVs made in China. They look similar to the mainstream brands of side-by-side ATVs out there, though a bit larger in size. In the vehicle’s shape, it appears a bit more like a dune buggy than an ATV. But their performance in the sand and dirt is every bit as good, if not better, according to Law.

“Their performance is more or less equivalent to the more popular Polaris RZR,” Law said. “But these are a lot less expensive. We have one in the shop here and we’ve have been taking it out into the surrounding desert; it handles just amazingly. They are a lot of fun!”

Law explained that, while the Renli brand has not yet taken off in the western U.S., it is a popular make in Europe and has gained traction in the eastern United States.

The brand new Renli OHV is in at Law Powersports. The new dealership will be officially opening next month. PHOTO BY VERNON ROBISON/Moapa Valley Progress.

For his full-time occupation, Law works as a bellman at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. But for some time he has dabbled, with significant success, in the import business, bringing products in from China. It was in that business that he first came across the Renli product line and he was immediately interested.

“I was originally wanting to becoming a Renli distributor here in the states,” Law said. “But they only work with one distributor and that is already set up in Phoenix. So I decided I would like to have a dealership.”

Law is planning to cast a pretty broad net from this small new dealership in southern Nevada. With no other Renli dealers in Nevada, nor in Utah, he said that he wants to market the vehicles to a broad regional and even nationwide market.

“In addition to the local and regional area, we will also be an internet-based dealer,” Law said. “We will be able to ship products to customers nationwide. So we won’t be entirely dependent on business from the local territory.”

In addition to Renli, Law Powersports will be carrying a full line of SSR Motorcycles. These dirt bikes have engines made in Japan, to Honda specifications. The rest of the bike is assembled by SSR in China.

The Overton dealership will also carry Massimo vehicles, which, Law says, are “similar to a Rhino without having to pay for the Rhino name”.

Another bit of great news for local OHV riders is that Law Powersports will be providing mechanic services for all makes of motorcycles, ATVs or side-by-side vehicles.

“We will have a top-notch mechanic working here and our repair rates will be very reasonable,” Law said.

Law said that he did quite an extensive search of locations for his dealership before he finally landed in Overton. He said that he was specifically interest in setting up shop in a small town somewhere in southern Nevada.

He looked throughout the region in Pahrump, Boulder City, Overton and other small towns. He sent email requests to realtors throughout southern Nevada seeking information.

“I finally got an email from Clea Whitney, a realtor here in Overton,” Law said. “She said that she knew somebody here in Overton who was trying to rent a place that would probably work well for our needs.”

After doing a little research into the Overton Powersports location, Law said that the spot had everything that he needed. And the small town atmosphere in Moapa Valley was especially attractive.

“I have a nine month old son and I don’t really want him to grow up in Las Vegas,” Law said. “So I was thinking that if things go well with the new business, I’ll move my family out here in the next year or so.”

Law plans to officially open the new dealership by mid-September. It will be open during daytime hours from Tuesdays through Saturdays; closed on Sunday and Monday. Keep an eye on the Progress for more information about the grand opening.

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