One Of Bundy’s Sons Arrested In Roundup Incident

By Vernon Robison

Moapa Valley Progress

A man was arrested on Sunday afternoon in connection with the cattle roundup currently ongoing by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on nearly 600,000 acres of public land in northeastern Clark County.

Dave Bundy, son of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy, was reportedly arrested by BLM officers while he was standing along the north side of State Route 170 between Bunkerville and Riverside, taking photographs of his family’s cattle that were grazing along the Virgin River down below.

According to Dave’s brother, Ryan Bundy, several members of the family had gone out for a drive in several vehicles to try to monitor the ongoing federal action to remove their father’s cattle from the range. They were not travelling on recently restricted federal land, but were travelling along the state highway looking north across the valley for signs of cattle, Ryan Bundy said.

Tensions have been high in the region over the past two weeks as federal agents have moved in to the area to remove what they are calling ‘trespass cattle’ belonging to Cliven Bundy.

The cattle roundup is part of a dispute that has been going on for more than 20 years. Bundy has insisted that he does not need to recognize federal government jurisdiction on land that his family has used, improved and ranched since the late 1800s.

Federal officials have ordered Bundy to remove his livestock from a grazing allotment that was retired back in 1999 out of concern for the federally-protected desert tortoise.

Lawsuits have been ongoing back and forth in the federal courts for more than two decades now. Last fall, a series of federal court orders required Bundy to remove his cattle within 45 days. If he did not, the federal agencies were authorized to seize any cattle left on the land and Bundy was expressly forbidden to interfere.

On March 27, BLM officials announced a temporary closure of roughly 300,000 acres including everything on the eastern bench of the Moapa Valley, the Mormon Mesa, Virgin Peak range, Bunkerville Flats area and much of what is being called the Gold Butte complex.

Seizure of the Bundy cattle began on Saturday, April 5. By the end of the first day, contract cowboys had removed 76 head of cattle from the area south of the Virgin Peak range, according to a BLM statement. Another 58 were removed on Sunday.

A large number of BLM law enforcement officers have been dispatched to the area to assist and provide protection the contractors during the operation. BLM officials will not say just how many of these officers are on the ground. But they insist that these forces are necessary, given the tension in the area regarding this action.

“Mr Bundy has created a larger burden to the taxpayers through his statements,” said National Park Service spokeswoman Christie Vanover during a press conference call held Sunday afternoon. “He has said that he will ‘do whatever it takes’ and that his response to the impound will ‘have to be more physical’. When threats are made that could jeopardize the safety of the American people, the contractors and our personnel; we have the responsibility to provide law enforcement to account for their safety. The greater the threats, the more security that is needed to provide public safety and the greater the cost to the American taxpayer. We are hopeful that lawful protests don’t escalate to illegal activity.”

But Ryan Bundy insists that his brother’s behavior along the highway on Sunday afternoon was neither a protest nor had it escalated to illegal activity.

“He was doing nothing but standing there and filming the landscape,” Bundy said. “We were on the state highway, not even off of the right-of-way. Even if they want to call [the area that we were filming] federal land; which it’s not; we weren’t even on it. We were on the road.”

Bundy said that several of his family members had gone out in four different vehicles. They were parked along the north side of the road about 200 yards apart, he said. David Bundy had gotten out of his car to film the cattle grazing on the distant landscape below.

Suddenly a large number of BLM vehicles came down and surrounded the area, Ryan Bundy said.

“I counted, they had 11 vehicles all with at least two agents in each one, maybe more,” he said. “They also had four snipers on the hill above us all trained on us. We were doing nothing besides filming the area.”

None of the occupants in the four family vehicles were carrying any fire arms, Bundy said.

Over their vehicle loudspeakers, the BLM officers ordered the family to leave the area, Bundy said.

“They said that we had no first amendment rights except for up by the bridge where they had established an area for that,” Bundy said.

The BLM has established two fenced areas near the City of Mesquite, that they have designated as free speech areas for members of the public to express their opinions.

The family began to pull away from the roadside area in accordance with the order from the BLM officers. But Dave Bundy was out of his car at the time and didn’t immediately return to his vehicle, Ryan Bundy said.

“He was filming and talking on the phone, I don’t know to whom,” Ryan Bundy said. “It happened pretty fast. They came down on him hard and had a German Shepherd on him. And then they took him.”

Ryan said that his vehicle, which had been stopped several hundred yards behind that of his brother, had by this time approached close to the scene of the arrest.

“I stayed and witnessed the whole thing,” he said. “I told them that I was not going to engage them and that I just wanted to take my brother with me. But they were pushing, pushing, pushing! So I did stay there long enough to witness the whole thing, about 10 feet away from me.”

BLM officials, in response to questions submitted by the Progress on Sunday evening, stated via email that an arrest had been made. But the email gave few details.

“An individual is in custody in order to protect public safety and maintain the peace,” the email states. “The individual has rights and therefore details about the arrest will not be disclosed until and unless charges are filed.”

“We still don’t know what the charges are that they arrested him on,” Ryan Bundy said on Sunday. “They mentioned some code over their loudspeakers. I don’t know what it was, but it was something or other federal code. That is what they arrested him on, was that premise.”

Bundy said that the biggest problem is that the family has nowhere to go to report the incident or to get further information about the status of his brother.

“We don’t have any policing representation,” he said. “Our local police will not respond. The County Sherriff will not respond. NHP will not respond.”

Ryan said that his father, Cliven, had called emergency response in both Mesquite and for Metro.

“They told him to get off the phone or he would be arrested,” Bundy said. “That is the kind of support that we had from any legitimate policing power.”

34 Responses to “One Of Bundy’s Sons Arrested In Roundup Incident”

  • allan:

    So now the feds are coming onto the states of the union; kidnapping our fellow Americans, who still think the police are here to protect us, (hahaaa ggod one) and you people want to keep giving up your weapons for self-defense. Keep letting your public slaves aka, servants fluoridate your water…

  • RiddleGirl:

    Support Cliven Bundy!
    Another Ruby Ridge? It’s going down RIGHT NOW!!!:

  • Feds suk:

    Time the American people get off our lazy assessment and help the fellow Americans who are having thier constitutional rights violated. They wanna use force then let show them force. 3 percent.

  • Russ Newkirk:


  • I’m not sure who (Bundy family or Feds) has the law on their side in regards to the land dispute, but arresting his son simply for taking pictures from the highway is an abuse of power by the federal government. This is the kind of abuse that leads to violent confrontations with the citizens.

    ‘Free Speech’ zones are also Bravo Sierra. We are seeing more and more of the government telling us where we can and can’t exercise our First Amendment rights. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that the government cannot abridge the freedom of speech or interfere with the right to peaceably assemble. It says nothing about ‘free speech zones.’

  • Robert King:

    Being a former Marine and a child reaching adulthood in the 60s I can relate to this family. The main problem they have is support. I know that most people agree with the Bundys. But what they need is about 50,000 people to be there in person. I’ll bet the government would pack up and leave immediately! The government is dividing or singling out this family hence divide and conquer. If the people of this country don’t start sticking together it is obvious what is going to happen. COME ON PEOPLE STICK TOGETHER ON THIS!!!

  • Greg Schwob:

    Isn’t it clear…the federal government doesn’t have the balls to enforce federal law unless they think they can win. They already don’t enforce immigration law (to the detriment of many citizens), they don’t enforce the drug laws as they relate to marijuana. They have to pick on a guy who’s been ranching the area since Nevada was a young state…it’s pathetic. They don’t realize just how bad it makes them look. The comparison to Ruby Ridge, hopefully, will not come to pass, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something did happen. God help us that it doesn’t.

  • Margaret:

    Welcome to wild horse advocacy. This is EXACTLY what WHE has been fighting for for the past couple of years. BLM historically closes land, highways and even airspace. The only difference is the cattle ranchers are on the receiving end.

    As for Bundy do you people realize that he’s been welching off the people for over 20 years! And you stand in support of his not paying his paying grazing fees????

    Yes. I do very much see a correlation betwen the Utah ranchers who are standing with this thief and Ruby Ridge. This man does not own his PUBLIC LAND–the taxpayers do. That means you and I. By escalating this–if BLM doesn’t stand down to us (Utah ranchers)we now see action coming on the horizon.

    The Cloud Foundation released figures from last year on how many horses are out there in Iron county 518. That’s over 50% less than what ranchers claim. Those horses are protected by federal law–the same laws that you are hollering about. If those ranchers touch one horse they are subject to a 1000 dollar fine and a year in jail.

  • Over 20 border invasions by armed mexican military in the Yuma,Arizona area alone since 2010 and these knuckle draggers are worried about a rancher?

    Our gooberment (.gov) let’s mexican drug cartels through border checkpoints for information given on other cartels, and they’re worried about a rancher?

    Benghazi,supplying arms to the muslim b’hood (our declared enemies BTW), supplying arms to the mexican drug cartel (F&F) that ends up murdering our Border Patrol Agents, and they’re worried about a rancher?

    America is dying. Not by her people, but by a few thousand mmembers of rogue agencies who scream “It’s the law”! Citizens of America! Research Jury Nullification! Strike these rogue laws down! Free our Patriots!

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel:

    Federal code, eh? in that case, perhaps he should have quoted them back a singularly pertinent Federal statute:

    U.S. Code: Title 18, Sections 241 and 242

    (Feel free to quote this far and wide)

  • Paul Kersey:

    BLM snipers? Sadly, how long do you think it will be before the American people get tired of this BS and declare open season on the BLM rangers?

  • This story has the same feel of the problems on the Pt. Reyes Natl. seashore near where we live, and where our friends have ranches for many years. They all sold their ranches to the Natl. Park system in the 70′s, and were promised long term leases to continue-on. There is a story of the Lunny families fight with the Secy. of Ag, and the lies and corruption!! There now also is mention of removing all the dairy, and beef operations for good! This will allow them to raise Tule Elk, which already has a herd started on the North end of the Park! It’s time now that we fight them severely if necessary, to protect what is dear to us! I’m so sorry for the Bundy family, and pray for their support!! I will help in any way I can to stop these thieves in our Govt.!!

  • Scott:

    Where is the Nevada governor in all this?

  • Curt:

    The National Park HATES bad press. I have called them and wrote emails stating they look like a bunch of Nazis. If 50,000 people do that it will not make them happy. Have at it! Call all you can think of!

  • Concerned Citizen:

    SOmething tells me these “free speech zones” (whatever the horrible hell that even means) will become smaller and fewer. The police state is upon us. Very similar to pre-WWII Germany.

    Are we becoming a totalitarian country? Apparently so.




    ____ BUILDING 7 SEVEN ______


  • This is a grave in-justice. The local government that was elected by the people lay down and not protect the citizens which elected them. Whether fear or threats from the Feds they are still in the wrong for not standing for what is right. The Federal government uses hired guns such as in Iraq by hiring Blackwater (ex-military) to push their agenda. Thousands of foreign troops are on American soil ready to bear arms against if ordered because the government fears our military would not turn on its own. If we do nothing we will succomb to a one world order. We must take a stand for these ranchers against this tryranny and injustice. Where are the brave leaders willing to be a voice and take a stand. When you enjoy that next steak think of these ranchers sacrificing for your meal. Lets support them and not lay down.

  • Roger:

    First and foremost the rancher is wrong. He has lost the fight at federal level to keep his cattle on the property. He should have moved his cattle off the land prior to the date of confiscation. Sorry this guy gets no sympathy from me for being a moron. Stealing from the federal government is still stealling in my books. He could of continued to pay lease rights for the grazing of his cattle but owes over a million dollars in back fees for this. Whoever supports this guy is probably on welfare. Because he expects everything to be given to him just as they do.

  • Brandon:

    Even if he is in the wrong on the whole…dodging his taxes scene, you cant deny that gun point is a terrorist act and will not be tolerated unless gunfire was already present. Our own government threw diplomacy out the door along with the constitution. I have no respect for these BLM officers “claiming” that they are trying to protect us. They must be complete idiots to think they could get people to believe that. They should tred carefully with their rifles.

  • Ogier:

    It’s our land (the citizens of the US) and the Bundies or whoever they are have no right to it.

  • Dear Dave:

    I live in California but am willing to come to you and assist you in any way that I can. I can also bring an army of Patriots with me. Contact me on this e-mail. We are behind you in support but also willing to stand on the front lines with you.

  • We are willing to send out food, blankets, and stoves to the area. So our brothers and sisters who have traveled far to support this family, and STAND STRONG in Solidarity will not have to worry about provisions…we ask nothing in return but your prayers for this family…Please contact us so that we may send these items ASAP.
    American Survival Wholesale

  • Heywood:

    The kid who got arrested has no one to blame but his dopey father, who is probably one of these “The gub’mint ain’t a gonna tell me what to do” people. He’s violating the law, but he has managed to convince his family that “Because we’ve always done it, we’re in the right.” Cliven Bundy is a turd. And don’t believe for a minute that someone from his family wasn’t armed. And to all of you people saying “This is why we need our guns…” if you get into an armed standoff with the government you will end up no better than the folks in Waco or Ruby Ridge did. They were both armed to the teeth. How did that work out for them? Obey the law, a court battle which Bundy has lost at every level, and there won’t be any problems. He’s no better than the people on welfare or some other type of social service that I will be he complains about. He wants something for nothing just because he always had it for nothing. Pay your fines, Bundy. You deadbeat. Stop taking money out of MY pocket to support your cattle farm.

  • David:

    So the Rancher stopped paying his grazing fee in 1993?? and is belligerent about being kicked off the land??? Anyone can make a living grazing cattle with no land payment! He’s been ranching for free… My costs for ranching on private land was a lot higher than what BLM charges…as a former rancher, this guy’s getting what he deserves.

  • richard:

    Hey Heywood the only money coming out of your pocket is what the Gov steals to pay for the BLM thugs. you obviously are part of the voting problem that has this country in dire straits

  • Andrew:

    David and Heywood. By your comments I can see that both of you are lackeys and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. First find out what this is all about and then you can tell everyone else what you feel. Maybe then you might have something to contribute instead of personal rancor.

  • Marla Hughes:

    Wait, all of the videos that have been taken by everyone and his brother and there are no videos of this altercation nor of any ‘starving calves’ or cattle being killed? I wonder why.
    My husband worked for a decade for a rancher in Wyoming and he regularly moved cattle on and off of BLM managed land. They also had paid hunts on it with absolutely no problems. That’s because the rancher paid his lease and followed the lease agreement because he was/is a conservative who understands contracts and the rule of law. Sorry, but Mr. Bundy sounds like an entitled liberal, not a conservative, to me.
    His family never owned that land, in spite of his carefully worded statement that gives that impression. They always leased the land since they moved to Nevada 23 years after it became a state, no matter what the federal agency was called they wrote the check to.

  • Heywood:

    You have no clue what you are talking about. I have relatives that do this work. I know about the fees involved and how the BLM works. If clowns like Cliven Bundy would pay up, there’d be fewer problems. No system is perfect, but you have to play by the rules. This guy didn’t and now he’s getting what he deserved. Also keep in mind that this is a completely one sided article. It’s making the Bundy family out to be victims when the patriarch of the family is nothing more than a law breaker and criminal.

  • Heywood:


    If people like Bundy would pay their fees and not assume they can have something for nothing, it would help reduce my taxes and yours. This guy is a crook and nothing more. Another person that feels they are entitled to something because they woke up in the morning. He gets what he deserves… and I will chuckle about it.

  • Chuck:

    The BLM has established two fenced areas near the City of Mesquite, that they have designated as free speech areas for members of the public to express their opinions.

    Amendment #1 To The Constitution of the United States of America. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH”

    Opinion: Aside from who’s right and who’s wrong in this matter, I thought all of America was a “free speech area” not just areas designated as such by bureaucrats.

  • Chuck:

    April 11,2014 Correction: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech”.

  • Christina Jenkins:

    More power tripping government take overs, baby hitlers in the making. It certainly reminds me of the Waco incident. The turtles are more important here it seems than a families livelihood, free speech and the right to photograph your own cattle; all it is is a smoke screen for something bigger than saving the dessert turtles. The “man” wants the land, the “man” gets it…we’re going to see more and more of this kind of abusive power mongers little by little that’s how hitler was able to take over the minds of the Germans.

  • Patriots, grab your weapons and join the standoff. Shoot down and kill these snipers and make a statement for American liberty.

  • Pamela Jensen:

    Where is Harry Reid? I thought he was from Nevada. Doesn’t a senator usually stick up for the people of his state? Just askin’ …from Utah.

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